Nest Studio's Boldly Black Hardware

nest studio hardware black finish

It's officially that time where we're especially in the mood for a black finish. While finishes such as unlacquered brass or bronze can be associated with a traditional style, and nickels and chromes can veer more contemporary, black sits comfortably, though daringly, in between. Whether it’s a powder-coated matte black, a glazed charcoal, or a blackened bronze, black is a forever favorite in the hardware world. 

nest studio deco collection matte black The Deco Collection : Matte Black

We of course love the Deco in all finishes, but one of the main characteristics of our Deco series is the play on positive and negative space. The matte black finish only enhances the outlined of the curved form.

nest studio hardware deco collection matte blackDesign by Atelier Davis, Photography by Heidi Harris


nest studio mod collection oil rubbed bronze black hardware

The Mod Collection : Oil Rubbed Bronze

Similar to the Deco series, our Mod hardware also plays on positive and negative space. Whether it is surface mounted or edge mounted, this collection can add great contrast against cabinets in oil rubbed bronze.

nest studio hardware mod collection matte blackDesign by Atelier Davis 


nest studio pinch collection hardware blackened bronze black

The Pinch Collection : Blackened Bronze

Our Pinch series’ Blackened Bronze finish has light, brassy highlights that are visible beneath the darker black surface. This finish particularly enhances the sculptural effect of our Pinch hardware, made in collaboration with Brooklyn-based plaster artisan Stephen Antonson. 

nest studio hardware pinch collection blackened bronzePhotography by Kreg Holt 


nest studio hardware geo collection matte black The Geo Collection : Matte Black

Our Geo collection hardware is made of solid brass which is then powder-coated in this flat black finish. The overall look is simple yet impactful.

nest studio collection geo hardware matte blackDesign by Atelier Davis, Photography by Emily Followill 

  nest studio collection glaze hardware chocolateThe Glaze CollectionCharcoal Brown

While the charcoal brown finish isn’t technically black, it is just as bold as a black finish and carries the same overall effect. Unique compared to all other collections, this finish is made from a ceramic glaze by NY-based ceramicist Jonathan Castro.

nest studio collection glaze hardware charcoal


nest studio hardware organic hardware blackened polished brass blackThe Organic Collection : Blackened and Polished Brass

Though the Organic collection’s blackened and polished brass finish isn’t dark all over, the blackened brass at the edges and curves of this hardware allow the polished brass to shine, giving the hardware a floating effect.

nest studio hardware organic collection jeffrey neve sf designer showcaseDesign by Jeffrey Neve, Photography by Christopher Stark

 nest studio reveal collection antiqued copper blackThe Reveal Collection : Antique Copper

The special part of this finish is the copper highlights that show through the antiqued finish. From far away the hardware looks overall black, but the copper seen up-close gives this finish a unique touch.

nest studio hardware reveal collection antique copperDesign by Atelier Davis, Photography by Emily Followill


Mix and Match through Finish

Lastly, you don't have to begin spec'ing your hardware by collection. Be fashionable and mix it up with different black tones. Our Mod pulls in a slightly warmer Oil Rubbed Bronze are an unexpected complement to the Deco knobs in a sheeny matte black.

nest studio hardware deco mod hardware black finish

 nest studio hardware collection black finish comparison

And there you have it: seven different hardware collections in six black finishes. So, when you feel inspired to go bold with your hardware, we have you covered.

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