Finish Guide

Antique Brass

Warm tone with darker hand rubbed striations. Matte protective lacquer.

Antique Copper

Dark black/brown finish. Hand rubbed to reveal coppery highlights. Matte protective lacquer.

Antique Nickel

Rich charcoal color hand relieved to reveal subtle lighter tones. Semi-gloss protective lacquer.

Blackened Bronze

Gray brown toned with highlights of warm bronze. Hand waxing allows to for additional patina.

Gloss White

Bright white lacquer with glossy finish.

Matte Black

Rich black lacquer with solid matte finish.

Oil Rubbed Bronze

Rich dark gray-brown hue with flat protective lacquer.

Polished Brass Unlacquered

High shine brass with no finish. Will patina and age over time.

Polished Chrome

Cool blue toned silver gray that is plated with no additional protective finish needed.

Polished Copper

Pinkish/orange plated finish that will patina and age with time.

Polished Nickel

Warm bright silver gray plated finish with no additional protective finish needed.

Satin Brass

Warm gold hued finish that is brushed to a matte finish. Matte protective lacquer.

Satin Nickel

Plated nickel with soft linear striations.


Aged green patina that is hand rubbed to reveal brass highlights.

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