Who we are

Founded in 2012 by esteemed interior designer Jessica Davis, Nest Studio Collection specializes in luxury cabinet hardware that lives at the forefront of design. Drawing from a diverse range of inspiration from Bauhaus and Art Deco architecture to Pre-Columbian pyramids and the wonders of the natural world, our fifteen innovative hardware collections have gained international acclaim for their sophisticated luxury. From classic to modern to contemporary, Nest Studio has the perfect pieces for every style and every space.

“Nest Studio has always been a leader in bringing something new to the table for the hardware category. They have been and will continue to be a trendsetter in luxury hardware.”

—Debra Carter, Carter Hardware, Los Angeles, CA

Our craftsmanship

Whether through our signature collections or our exclusive, and groundbreaking, artisan collaborations, Nest Studio’s dedicated team of product designers and engineers create products that deliver the perfect blend of form and function. Our luxury hardware features solid brass construction combined with luxurious mixed materials and hand rubbed finishes that make a decidedly sophisticated statement for kitchens, baths, closets and appliances.

“Nest Studio hardware is carefully curated and carefully thought out with an artisanal quality to it.”

—Michele Bagby, Matthew Quinn Studio, Atlanta, GA

Our values


It starts with a creative inspiration, but is always grounded in defying expectations. Whether we start with historic and contemporary art or modern architecture, we apply modern design principles and curate the ultimate form meets function aesthetic.


Our collections embody the perfect union of traditional craftsmanship and cutting edge technology. We pride ourselves on our commitment to design-driven production and small-batch manufacturing starting with the finest solid brass construction. Our dedicated quality control team inspects each and every item individually to guarantee excellence in every aspect of the process.


Entirely female owned and operated, Nest Studio understands the importance of community and the value of shared experience. The Nest Studio community starts with our own families and extends from our production partners to all of our fellow design lovers.

Our team

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