December 2022 Design Crushes!

Can you believe we’re saying goodbye to 2021 and hellooo to 2022? This year had its fair share of curveballs, but overall, we’re so grateful for what it brought, including wonderful talent that we get to swoon over here. Here’s our round-up of design crushes for the month of December:


Workstead is an amazing company with an interior design team and a product design/fabrication team. Their lighting line deserves a blog post of its own, but this time we crushed on their Twin Bridges interiors project, which was a stunning victorian home reimagined.

Photography by Matthew Williams



Aussie-based, Flack Studio, is an upscale multidisciplinary design studio that creates spaces that look like a million bucks (which clearly they literally are). This Middle Park project shows just how much thought goes into these design details, creating a stunningly lavish view.

Photography by Anson Smart



Last but not least is Mandy Cheng Design, who is recognized for incorporating layered artisanal details into her California-casual designs. Every piece here looks like it was sourced vintage.

Photography by Madeline Tolle

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