Last month I shared a series of hardware inspiration photos with you.  Recently I've been working with a metal worker to develop some more organic and sculptural pieces to introduce into the line. The rest of my line is so geometric and architectural that I thought it would be fun to do something different. It's been hard to step out of my box though since I want whatever it is to tie into my existing line. So I've been doing a lot of pinning and online research to get ideas.

One thing I've been very inspired by is mid-century sculpture. It's organic but clean and modern.  It has been really fun to explore different textures and patinas we can add to a piece as well as cool things we can do to make a piece more sculptural versus just a surface pattern applied to a flat pull.  Here are some of the things that are catching my eye lately:
A - I love the antique Chinese pattern on this set of Limoges dinnerware from L'Objet. I feel like if translated correctly, it could make some fabulous hardware.

B - I love the idea of mixing materials and I think these molded glass rods could be a really interesting way to add transparency and texture at the same time.

C - This sculpture is so cool. The play of positive and negative space and geometry is really fun.

D - Another piece of sculpture. It's so refined and the juxtaposition of curves and straight lines could be amazing in a piece of hardware.

E - This Robert Kuo tile also has an asian feel and I love the sort of "topographic" nature of it.

F - Jewelry always inspires me and this Alex Sepkus piece is so cool and organic.

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