Jessica Burne's Six Picks

Continuing on with our Six Pick's series, this week it's all about our incredible Jessica Burne Davis. Although she holds the title of Head of Operations here at Nest Studio, Jess is always there for whatever needs to be done and acts as owner Jess Davis's right hand gal.  We don't know what we would do without her!  

Travel destination: Maine. I have spent every summer since I was a child on Sebago Lake in Maine. There is something magical about the area.  Besides being breathtakingly beautiful, the lake seems to generate its own weather pattern. Rainy days are few and even if there is a random storm, rainbows arc over the lake shortly after the raindrops stop. Maine is my pot of gold!

Personal Care Item: Skinmedica TNS Recovery Complex. I’m a tad embarrassed even mentioning this product due to its obscenely expensive price tag. I'm generally pretty thrifty but I received a sample of this serum and became hooked. My skin has seriously never looked better. I do try and use only once a day so the bottles last longer.  

Favorite Food: Lobster: This shouldn’t come as much surprise given that Maine is my favorite travel destination. I am an absolute purist when it comes to lobster. Steamed and dipped in drawn butter is the only way to eat it. Actually, a fresh toasted buttered roll with a small amount of mayo is also acceptable.  

Summer Reading: I am a book fiend and narrowing down to one favorite book is a major challenge. So I’ll highlight Book Movement as my favorite website for finding my next great read. It’s main focus is for book clubs but I find the curated lists super helpful in narrowing down so many choices. I love to see what’s popular across the different book clubs and compare to my own reading list.

Nest Hardware Piece: The Organic series holds a special place in my heart. It was one of the first collections that I helped bring from concept to market. I love the Organic-01’s nod to Henry Moore. It is sculptural and statement making. I haven’t used it yet in my house but I’m thinking it might work perfectly on my powder room vanity.  Stay tuned….

Mom Hack: Now that my kids are getting a bit older (11 and 13) I’m learning to embrace their help and independence. My younger daughter loves to come grocery shopping with me. I’ll wait at the deli line to get sliced meat and cheese while she takes the shopping list. We are now out of the grocery store in record time! 

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