Render This! A Sneak Peek at 2024 Kips Bay Palm Beach

Kips Bay Palm Beach Veranda Magazine Interior Design Renders - Jim Dove Design

Design: Jim Dove Design, Rendering: Veranda Magazine

The 2024 Kips Bay Palm Beach Show House is around the corner and we're excited to see the transformation of a trendy Palm Beach, FL neighborhood "So So" villa into a bold and inspiring home. Thanks to Veranda Magazine, we get to glimpse renderings of the spectacular interior designs to come. All 21 designers are installing their spaces and the show house runs from February 22 to March 17.

Nest Studio is thrilled to be a part of Jim Dove Design's kitchen, inspired by Dorothy Draper and a nod to the convivial celebration of hospitality, food, drink, and 'the good life'. A creative combination of different Nest Studio luxury and decorative pulls and knobs will help bring Jim's bold vision to life. Stay tuned for the final result!

Looking Back at Previous Kips Bay Show Houses Featuring Nest Studio Decorative Hardware

2023 Kips Bay Palm Beach Show House

2023 Kips Bay Palm Beach Eneia White Interior Design Nest Studio polished brass peacock pulls

Design: Eneia White, Photography: Sean Litchfield, Nest Studio Fauna Collection - Peacock polished brass pulls

2023 Kips Bay New York Show House

2023 Kips Bay New York Show House Ahmad AZ Design Nest Studio luxury hardware Organic collection
Design: Ahmad AZ, Photography: Joe Kramm, Nest Studio Organic Collection knobs and pull

2019 Kips Bay New York Show House

2019 Kips Bay Palm Beach show house Corey Damon Jenkins Nest Studio Satin Brass luxury knobs

Design: Corey Damon Jenkins, Photography: Marco Ricca, Nest Studio Facet Collection satin brass knobs



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