Tharon Anderson: Hardware Installation to Perfection

Design Crush, Tharon Anderson, is a designer who always gets the details right.    She is meticulous and thoughtful in all her design decisions . . . and it shows.  Tharon is a master at making hardware installation look effortless.  Unfortunately, it's not!!  We've seen even seasoned designers make hardware installation decisions that look like mistakes.  

We recently spoke with Tharon to find out her process for getting even the challenging installations to look flawless.  "Correctly installing hardware, particularly jewelry hardware, is not easy.  Many installers will automatically center the hole on the cabinet face which isn't always the best location," states Tharon.

Tharon used our Classic Series hinge drop pulls mixed with our conventional pulls on the Nantucket powder room vanity pictured above featured in House Beautiful. This is an example of a complex vanity design and hardware selected and installed to perfection.

"In this piece, it was critical to design the vanity in tandem with the design of the hardware," says Tharon.  "We selected the hardware first.  If using specialty jewelry hardware like Nest Studio's Classic Series suite the cabinet design needs ideally be conceived concurrently with the hardware."  The rail and styles on the vanity inset cabinetry of this piece were carefully designed to work with different pieces in the Classic Series suite.  The top drawers and center cabinet are conventional recessed insert panels and the hardware is installed across the vanity to form a datum.  The bottom trio of drawers, however, are flat font insert drawers that are framed as a whole carrying the same dimensions as the rails and styles on the above recessed panels. 

Special care was also taken to communicate with the hardware installer.  The center of the hardware is centered on the drawer of these Classic Series hinge pulls, rather than the installation hole being centered.  It's often helpful to provide installers with physical and visual markers such as the green painters tape and on-site notes pictured above to ensure clarity.

"Designing with hardware in mind fro the beginning enhances an overall look of the room and gives it a polished look," says Anderson.  As you can see from the sampling of her projects below, the thoughtfulness and time Anderson puts into installing hardware on her projects pays off.

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