Moms Helping Moms: YCS and Nest Studio

It's Jess Davis, here!

As we have grown our business, adding more people and products I've also been thinking a lot about social responsibility. Since we are an all-mom team here at the Nest we thought it would make sense to do something in our business that involved mothers.  Over the past 6 months we have piloted a  "moms-helping-moms" internship program with Youth Consultation Service.  

YCS pairs first-time mothers from their Nurse Family Partnership program in Essex County with Nest for internships in the studio to prepare them for work in an office environment, providing them much needed job skills, a flexible work environment and a steady income to help make ends meet.

Our very first intern, Veronica, was such a great addition to our team and we loved getting to know her.  This detailed-oriented intern helped our studio with product quality control, mailing list research, shipping and packing.  We will certainly miss Veronica this fall as she returns to school and will not forget her contributions to Nest Studio. 

The Nest Studio team hopes to support many more moms as we continue down the road as a woman owned business.  Our mutually beneficial partnership with YCS is a way for our mom-friendly business to assist young mothers in continuing their education and developing professional skills.

Watch this YCS's video to learn more about the Moms Helping Moms Initiative 

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