ECLC and Nest Studio: Seeking Knowledge for Independent Living

Nest Studio is thrilled to be partnering with ECLCa local New Jersey school for children with special needs.  This exciting relationship simultaneously provides real-word job-readiness experiences for ECLC students and meets some of Nest Studio's in-house business needs.

ECLC of New Jersey offers lifelong support and services – education, employment and enrichment – to people with special needs, including autism, Down syndrome, severe learning and/or language disabilities or multiple disabilities.  With an ultimate goal of empowering and enabling students to achieve their maximum potential, ECLC prepares older students for the workplace by taking on projects, including managing mailings, collating newsletters, creating. custom promotional products and even running the school’s lunch program.  

These projects support outside businesses and in-house needs, while allowing students to gain valuable work skills, habits and attitudes. Once students have mastered the basics, they move out into the community to "sample" jobs, from child care and retail to food service, maintenance and office administrative support.

In 2017, all Nest Studio promotional items were stamped, collated and addressed by ECLC students.  We are extremely grateful for this partnership as well as the wonderful care the students took with the work.  We are so happy with the attention to detail and service that has been provided by the ECLC school-based career readiness program.  ECLC students continue to be extremely effective at meeting our needs and Nest Studio looks forward to a long-lasting relationship.

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