Lindsay Cowles: Nest Install

We just love working with the vibrant contemporary artist and designer, Lindsay Cowles! This abstract artist is a textile design pioneer.  

Cowles's original painting medium is oil on canvas, but she also digitally manipulates her paintings into patterns for wall coverings, textiles and pillows.  These wallpapers and fabrics are made from sections of Lindsay's paintings and have an artistic abstract feel.  Her artful textile designs can be customized in color, repeat and material. 

Cowles's bold, energetic, and colorful abstract paintings and textiles make a statement in any interior.  Fundamental elements of her paintings are focused in the interplay of color and the layering and texturing of paint.  

Some of our favorite Nest Studio installs are designed by and coupled with Lindsay Cowles's textiles and wallcoverings.  Her mastery of bold, saturated color works beautifully with our boutique hardware.

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