Handmade for your hand's touch. Our Glaze hardware collection is one of the most unique and personal collections we offer at Nest Studio. As one of our artisan collaboration collections, our exclusive Glaze series is a result of a groundbreaking partnership between our head honcho, designer Jessica Davis, and ceramic artist Jonathan Castro

 This collection juxtaposes Castro's signature ribbed ceramics, inspired by Japanese pottery, with custom satin brass backplates. Each piece in this collection is made of porcelain clay and hand turned, one at a time, in Jonathan Castro's New York City studio. Castro makes all glazes from scratch with original formulas, finishing the pieces in a Matte Teal, Soft White, or Charcoal Brown (though custom glazes are available!). 

We love the combination of the porcelain and brass, and the contrast of soft and hard. We love how Glaze instantly upgrades whatever case good or cabinet it's installed on. We love how this collection celebrates the power of collaboration and beauty in the making. Most of all, we love making a bold and strikingly beautiful statement!

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