Keeping it Organic at this East Atlantic Beach House

Because our Organic collection is aesthetically versatile, we love seeing how our clients incorporate it into their spaces. Every install of our Organic hardware is as unique as the hardware itself, and we're especially excited to share this East Atlantic Beach House project by Dave Obuchowski Architects, who is a friend and collaborator with our founder Jessica Davis. (Psst, he worked on her Atlanta Mid Mod renovation.)  

Nest Studio Organic Collection Install Dave Obuchowski Architects

Obuchowski used pairs of the Organic-01 for the wine refrigerators, which are a focal point in this open space.

When asked why the Organic collection lent itself particularly to this project, he replied,
"We chose the Organic hardware because it’s fluid character and weighty feel in the hand were perfect as a sensual accent for the wine cabinets. They create a special, visceral moment of celebration. The bronze complements the palate of natural materials while also setting itself apart." 


Check out some more shots of this beautiful project.

It's important to consider that the Organic collection is an innovative look for hardware, yet this aesthetic has been around for some time. The Organic collection draws its inspiration from the biomorphic works of modern English sculptor Henry Moore.

Similar to Moore's sculptures, the concave and undulating curvature in our Organic pull fashions an impressive yet airy statement, which was perfect for this open, modern beach house.

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