Nest Studio Introduces the Lauhala Collection

Nest Studio is thrilled to announce the release of the second in series of artisan collaborations, the Lauhala collection. Lauhala pairs the precise lines of Nest's existing Mod pulls with the hand-woven work of Hawaii-based jewelry brand Kū + Moe. Artisan Iliahi Anthony utilizes the native Hawaiian "lauhala" or screwpine leaf to wrap the pulls, lending a softness and organic feel that adds the perfect natural element to interiors and furniture.

Lauhala leaves are a rapidly renewable resource in the South Pacific.  The indigenous Pandanus, or screw pine trees, from which they are derived, grow prolifically throughout the Hawaiian Islands.  The Lauhala leaves can be harvested, transported and disposed of without damage to the environment during the process, leaving a minimal ecological footprint.  Artisans collect the leaves from plants in the wild, cutting only mature leaves so that the plant will naturally regenerate. The leaves are then sliced into fine strips and sorted.

Lauhala, which in Hawaiian means simply "leaf of the hala tree", has its roots in antiquity.  The artistry of the braiding, or "plaits" has been passed down from  artisan to artisan, generation to generation, since tribal times.  Jewelry artisan, Iliahi Anthony, employs time-honored technique to hand-wrap each piece of hardware in our Lauhala collection.

The durability of the Lauhala material, combined with the ancestral weaving process, is rugged enough to provide materials for exterior and interior cladding, matting, interior finishes, textiles and clothing, handicrafts, nautical sails and utilitarian baskets.  

The multi-purpose Lauhala leaves are flexible, durable and recyclable and can be cut or trimmed without unraveling.  Not only is this natural fiber durable enough to withstand weathering and frequent use, but it also lends a unique texture and pattern to any interior.

Our Lauhala collection is available in a variety of sizes and finishes from any Nest Studio showroom or on our on-line Nest Studio shop.

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    Congratulations on your release of the Lauhala Collection.
    Beautifully crafted! Perfect for our Palm Beach project!
    Jim Dove